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Blueberry Plants

Berry picking is generally from mid-July to mid-September; come and enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet at our farm.

Call (989)781-2859 for more information, or email us at

2017 Blueberry Plant Information

Russell's Farm is happy to annouce the availability of ten varietals of plants for sale. For 2017 we are still offering the unique PINK LEMONADE plant. Yes, this is a pink blueberry! This blueberry is much sweeter than the regular blueberry and produces fruit much later into the fall. These plants are a must for the culinary specialist! Plant sales generally start in early April and continue through the late fall. (Availability of varietals is subject to change.)

Currently we are selling several varietals in our nursery. Our two year old potted plants are priced at $26 each. To find the right plants for your needs, look at the table below for more information on specific characteristics of each of these varietals. Please free to call us at (989) 781-2859, or e-mail, if you have more questions on how to start your own backyard blueberry farm.

Blueberry Plants   Disease Resistant Winter Hardy Production Berry Size Plant Spacing Row Spacing Season
Berkeley   ** * ** Large 4-5' 10' Mid
  ** ** ** XL 3-4' 10' Mid
Northlands   * *** ** Med 3-4' 10' Early-Mid
  ** *** ** Large 3-4' 10' Early Mid
Chandler   ** ** ** XXL 4-5' 10' Mid-Late
Elliot   ** ** ** Med 3-4' 10' Late
Pink Lemonade   ** *** ** Med 3-4' 10' Mid-Late-Late
Spartan   ** ** ** Large 3-4' 10' Early-Mid
Blueray   ** *** ** Large 3-4' 10' Mid
  * Good ** Better *** Best    
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